Graduating Art Exhibition
Art Event

We are still buzzing with excitement from the Graduating Art Exhibition held recently as part of our Arts Week! We couldn't be prouder of our GSCE and A Level Fine Arts and Photography students. The artwork pieces displayed were stunning, showing off the incredible talent of our graduating artists. Visitors were treated to an inspiring sight with thought-provoking sculptures, vibrant paintings, intricate drawings, and breathtaking photographs in a stunning exhibition space that normally serves as our Canteen. The space was thoughtfully transformed into a showcase of artistic creativity on display by two Year 13 exhibition curators, Maciej and Ola. Friends, family, and teachers gathered to support our talented students. The atmosphere was delightful as people chatted, sharing their thoughts and interpretations of the artwork. And we were proud to witness some of these art pieces being featured in the Akademeia Fundraiser 2023 art auction. It was truly a week of celebration and inspiration, and we are grateful to everyone who contributed to making this event a tremendous success.

Photo credit: @marekkepinski & @myakulbacki

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