Our A Level programme allows for individually tailored academic pathways, which students can craft from a wide variety of A Levels on offer. The flexibility of choice at A Levels is wonderfully liberating for students and also allows for some fertile synergies and interdisciplinary crossovers.

A Levels are ideally suited for the pre-university university model embedded in the school culture. Debate and discussion are at the forefront. Seminar-style lessons develop close relationships and provide the space to challenge students’ thinking, building up their confidence in refining and articulating their views.

Alongside their A Levels, Sixth Formers are presented with a wide range of academic opportunities to stretch themselves beyond A Level curriculum: the Extended Project Qualification, Mathematics and Science Olympiads, Debating competitions, scientific and current affairs conferences are a staple diet in our Sixth Formers’ lives. An extremely rich co-curricular offer with well over 50 clubs and societies, many of which are run by our Sixth Form Students, means that students can fully immerse themselves in the school life with plenty of possibilities to develop their interests and hobbies or discover new ones.

Sixth Form is a time of an intense intellectual exploration and growth. Year 12 students work closely with their mentors to track and reflect upon their intellectual journeys outside of the classroom through extracurricular readings, podcasts, and individual research projects.

Throughout the Sixth Form, students receive individualised, expert guidance from our University Advisors and follow a carefully crafted Universities Preparation Programme. Students also complete individual Personal Development Scheme, through a variety of university level courses, internships, and community engagement projects.

A Levels

The academic rigorousness of A Levels is globally recognized and provides the best university preparation, as students can focus on specific areas of interest and thus develop an expertise in chosen disciplines and the related skills. There are no compulsory elements at A Level; students choose only those subjects in which they are most interested.