A significant proportion of our students are pursuing their passion for the arts – both visual and performative. We have students who live in Warsaw and those who are from further afield. Up to a 10% of our students qualify for scholarships that enable those from diverse backgrounds to study at the school.

Our students meet and work together through various school activities that are often cross-year in scope. They inspire one another and help one another see the world from differing perspectives. They get to know the faculty and each other well, and they find others in their cohort with whom they can realise various projects and plans.

Find out what studying at Akademeia High School is really like in the best way – from our students. These students come from different countries and study various pathways. But they all have one thing in common – they enjoy studying at the AHS, being part of our community, and talking about their experiences.

Hear from Students Ziheng, Liubou and Mateusz

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Meet Liubou

Meet Ziheng

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