Akademeia Students Volunteer for Impact'23
Announcement Event

A group of six Y10 students from Akademeia, accompanied by nearly 200 volunteers from across Poland, provided support for Impact'23, the most prestigious economic and technological event in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our students dedicated two days to volunteer training and an additional two days working at the conference.

In addition to their responsibilities of registering speakers, they were fortunate to engage in numerous captivating panels and lectures covering topics such as AI, Women Empowerment, Gen Z, and the Rebuilding of Ukraine, among many others.

It was a great opportunity to gain experience in organization and communication. I enjoyed the conference itself and the opportunity to be trusted with responsibility and be a part of something larger than myself through this event. Though very tiring, I think this was one of the most significant extracurricular projects I did during this school year.

Julek, Year 10

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