However, we understand that everyone goes through periods of stress and pressure that can challenge their sense of wellbeing. Our mission is to enhance the resilience of our school community by providing individual, group, and outreach support to students, caregivers, and teachers.

Our comprehensive range of wellbeing resources includes personalised counseling, coaching, and educational sessions. We also offer psychoeducation programmes for teachers and parents, such as webinars and workshops. In addition, we provide group counseling sessions, on-site support in the boarding house, and school-wide preventative initiatives.

We are dedicated to promoting students' awareness of triggers that may impact their wellbeing, while equipping them with the tools to engage in self-advocacy, compassion, and healthy coping strategies.

This includes fostering help-seeking behaviors, promoting good sleep and electronic device habits, providing emotional regulation techniques, enhancing learning and planning skills, and fostering positive peer relationships. By empowering our school community, we encourage everyone to acknowledge personal growth, confront challenges, and acquire effective strategies to overcome future academic and personal obstacles.

Our aim is for our guidance and wellbeing resources to enable students to reach their full potential and find greater joy in their academic journey.