Year 9 entails a one-year Foundation Year to students before they start the four-year high school programme at Akademeia High School. In this foundation year, students have the opportunity to experience the full range of subjects from different faculties offered by Akademeia before embarking on their iGCSEs.

In the Fifth Form, we have carefully crafted our programmes for Years 10 and 11, combining Akademeia Assessed Courses with subjects that fulfill iGCSE specifications. All students follow core subjects that incorporate iGCSE standards but go beyond them to prepare them for A Level.

In the Sixth Form, students study A Levels taking up to five A Level subjects as a linear course, over the two years. A Levels allow a free choice of subjects and depth of study that gives a solid preparation for higher education, certifying students' interests and their ability to pursue academic studies.

A healthy approach to study and life is nurtured through our mentoring, personal development scheme, wellbeing and co-curricular programmes. Together, these programmes create an environment that supports the holistic growth and wellbeing of our students, equipping them with the tools and experiences they need to thrive in both their studies and their lives beyond the classroom.


We consistently respond to our students' growing educational needs, ensuring they realise their potential through wise iGCSE and A Level subject choices. We believe that self-reflection and self-knowledge are fundamentals in setting and achieving personal goals. Mentors guide our students alongside this journey.

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Personal Development Scheme

The Personal Development Scheme provides students with an opportunity for self-discovery and personal development. The scheme consists of extracurricular experiences that help develop the confidence and social skills that will serve our students well in later life and enrich their university applications. 

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We believe that good emotional and psychological wellbeing is a key requirement for academic success and more importantly for a fulfilled and happy life. We achieve this by supporting students in developing awareness of factors which contribute to stress. We help students develop greater resilience by promoting healthy lifestyles.

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Co-curricular Programme

The co-curricular programme complements our regular classes and encourages the holistic growth of each student.

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Year 9 Foundation Programme 2023/2024 | PDF | 189KB

Year 10 – Year 13 Academic Programme 2023/2024 | PDF | 834KB