Akademeia Outreach: Concert at the Alzheimer Centre, 2nd June
Music Event

A group of our student musicians visited the Alzheimer Centre in Warsaw with a concert, which was a result of a student’s initiative. Bruno N (Y12) after researching the positive effects of listening to music on patients with dementia, decided to share Akademeia musical talents with some of them. He managed to get his peers as well as the management of the Aizheimer Centre on board. Our students prepared the programme, which consisted of classical music piano performances, lively songs from different times and hosts’ introductions tailored to the needs of the audience.

Over 100 people, including in-patients, day patients and employees of the Centre gathered in the auditorium to enjoy the first live music concert in two years! Everybody was thrilled with the performance. Our students have already started planning for next year’s projects with the Aizheimer Center as they found this experience truly eye-opening and rewarding.

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