Fifth Form Entry

Our Year 9 and 10 assessment days include:

1. A lecture followed by a short test. This helps us to better understand the candidate’s abilities to process new content and draw conclusions.

2. English Language and Mathematics competency tests, in order to ascertain the candidate’s current attainment in these critical core areas.

3. An individual meeting with a subject teacher, in which we assess the candidate’s current knowledge but also, more importantly, their approach to learning.

4. A group task, in which we assess students’ teamworking and communication skills, as well as their ability to digest information in a classroom setting.

Sixth Form Entry

Our Year 12 assessment days include:

1. An interdisciplinary university style lecture supplemented with a short test, helping us gauge the candidate’s ability to process new information and draw conclusions.

2. An English Language competency test, in order to ascertain the candidate’s current proficiency (and Mathematics if it is an A Level choice).

3. Individual meetings with subject teachers. Students will meet with teachers of their subjects of choice to assess their current proficiency, as well as their approach to learning.

4. A meeting with Admissions, University and Careers and Heads of Forms. This helps us determine the candidate’s suitability for their A Level preferences and provides a valuable opportunity for candidates to learn about higher education and career pathways.

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