Rocket Adventures: Community Engagement Programme Inspires Young Minds in Physics and Space
Science Activity

How to send a rocket into space?

As part of our community engagement programme, a group of AHS Physics students, led by Dr. Peralta, had an amazing time exploring this wonder alongside elementary school children from Bednarska Primary School.

Their main goal was to teach the children about rocket science through simple experiments.

One of the experiments involved using a skateboard and a bottle of fizzy gas. Our team stood or sat on the skateboard, released the gas, and observed the skateboard moving in the opposite direction.

They also had a special rocket fueled with alcohol and oxygen. With proper safety measures in place, they launched the rocket using a small explosion, and everyone watched as it soared high into the sky!

The children were absolutely thrilled while learning about physics and space. Through experimentation and play, even complex concepts like physics can become simpler and more enjoyable!

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