Afghan Day
Art Event

How well do you know Afghan culture?

As part of our Arts Week, we recently hosted a special event known as Afghan Day, providing our students with a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of Afghan culture.

The programme was prepared by our School Without Borders Personal Development Scheme team and the Afghan community they collaborated with for the past academic year.

Our dedicated student volunteers involved in the School Without Borders worked hard to create an unforgettable event for all of us. 

We kicked off the day with a calligraphy session led by Mr Abdul in the main reception. Students had the chance to explore the beautiful art of writing and create their own unique designs.  

There was also a display of delicious Afghan sweets for everyone to savour. 

In room 3, Ms Nazanin, with the support of our student Iana, gave an engaging presentation on Afghan clothing. They shed light on the cultural significance of various garments, sharing stories that celebrated Afghan heritage. How beautiful is the Afghan attire!

The canteen came alive with vibrant energy of Afghan dances, and everyone was invited to join in the fun.

Meanwhile, in the canteen kitchen, Ms Hadisa and Mr Usman hosted an engaging cooking workshop. Participants learned how to prepare the delicious Afghan dish called bolani. 

We are grateful to everyone who brought their enthusiasm to this event and await further updates from the School Without Borders, as we continue to be inspired by its impact.

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