Akademeia Christmas

On 6th December, also known as St. Nicholas Day, you could feel the Christmas magic all around Akademeia High School.  With festive decorations, Christmas treats’ smell in the hallways, school band rehearsals and Christmas boxes being packed for those in need and Christmas candigrams being delivered, everybody was growing in anticipation for evening events.

The Akademeia Christmas started with the inaugural Charity Fair, with food, drinks and products for sale, just in time for the holiday-shopping season! We had Christmas Bake Sale, English Book Sale, student-made projects on sale – from sustainable soaps to 3D printed bookmarks and ornaments, artwork and beautiful cards with Christmas poems written by our very own student authors from the Poetry Club. There was also a Silent Auction with attractive vouchers to bid on. All organised and orchestrated  by students from the Akademeia Community Action Programme, with the support of the Student Council and the Akademeia Parent Association.

At 7:00pm the community was in for yet another treat with our annual Christmas concert. We could appreciate incredible singing and acting skills of our performers, as we kept being entertained by the school and staff bands and theatrical vignettes – also written and directed by our students. It was great to see how our school band has grown this year with the addition of new members and instruments! Our independent student band ‘Hive Mind’ made their first stage appearance was welcomed with huge enthusiasm.  No Akademeia event can be complete without the appearance of the beloved Staff Band ‘Akadesleighers’ and their short film made just for the occasion. Everyone had a fabulous time.

Juan from Year 12 commented after the show:

I felt a sense of home and belonging to the AHS community. The concert was really great, just as the charity fair, where people were so kind and generous.

We are actually still busy counting up the total amount raised, as the donations are still pouring in. All profits from this event will go to support children from underprivileged environments from two foundations:  Powiślanska Fundacja Społeczna and the Salvation Army.

Thank you to all who helped us to make this evening so magical!

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