Prom 2023
A Levels Event

Prom to remember!

Witnessing the Year 13 students of Akademeia High School come together to celebrate the completion of their high school journey in such a stylish and unforgettable prom was an absolute delight. The parents of the graduating students went above and beyond in organizing a glamorous party that surpassed all expectations.

The evening kicked off with a traditional Polish opening dance that holds deep cultural significance. Originally known as the walking dance, the polonaise has remained a customary first dance at major official balls and events in Poland. It was a beautiful tribute to tradition and a symbolic start to the prom.

Following the dance, the atmosphere was filled with heartfelt speeches and an unexpected award ceremony initiated by the graduates as a sincere tribute to their beloved teachers. The award categories showcased the special connections between the students and their mentors, allowing them to express their gratitude and admiration. Titles such as "Rockstar of Discipline," "Most Powerful Teacher Duo," "Best Teacher to Be When Lost on a Deserted Island," "The Best Beard," and "Most Likely to Know All of AHS Gossip," and more, highlighted the intimate understanding our students possessed regarding their teachers.

It was definitely a night to cherish and remember! Congratulations to all the Year 13 students! Your presence will undoubtedly be missed at Akademeia High School.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the parents who played a vital role in making this event a resounding success. Thank you for creating such unforgettable memories!

Photo credit: @marekkepinski & @myakulbacki

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