Akademeia supports students with short-term internship opportunities through the annual Internship Competition and individual internship placements based on student’s interests and needs.

We believe that completing an internship has multi-faceted benefits including: broadening one’s perspective, underscoring strengths and weaknesses in a work environment, gaining first-hand insight into various careers, and building a portfolio – something particularly important for a university application and future employers.

In order to enable our students to gather professional experiences, we have established cooperation with well-known Warsaw companies and institutes. Bastion Group, Creotech, European Biomedical Institute, Nencki Institute, Polish Economic Insitute, Upper Finance, Vogue Poland, and a few medical facilities have created wonderful internship opportunities available for Akademeia’s students.

Candidates are selected in the process of a two-phase competition that includes completing a school assignment and a task given by one of the internship partners. Creating this amazing opportunity for students would not be possible without great support from our parents’ body.

Students' Testimonials

Just getting into this internship required much effort and commitment. Being interviewed by a professional in the field of economics was a challenge that allowed me to open up and use my acquired academic knowledge along with personal skills after a long period of the pandemic. This also provided me with valuable insight into how my future job application will look like.

Intern at Polish Economic Institute

This experience has definitely prepared me further for my future university course in International Relations since it showed me that IR and politics can also influence business and consumer behavior.

Intern at Oshee

I believe it was a great reality check for how actual work knowledge compares and differs from school knowledge. It was an important and beneficial experience for me as I was able to appreciate how it actually feels to work.

Intern at Herbapol

My summer internship at Bastion Group, a respected investment banking firm based in Warsaw, was a remarkable experience that allowed me to delve into the intricate world of finance and made me notice the amount of transferrable skills that exist in banking.

Intern at Bastion Group