International Week

During the recent International Week celebrations, our 5th Form students took a break from their regular classes to immerse themselves in project-based learning, exploring diverse cultures both within our community and around the world.

The students prepared 15 project stands, each providing fascinating fun facts and information about various countries, fostering a deeper understanding of our global family.

In addition, our students had the opportunity to expand their skills through a diverse range of workshops, run by our faculty and parents, covering a wide array of topics, such as:

  • Why British Pop Music is the Best
  • Chinese Tea Ceremony
  • Yearn to Learn Yaniv
  • Intercultural Competencies
  • Geography of Thinking
  • Conquest of Technology
  • German Cinema: Goodbye Lenin

To conclude the event, the whole community enjoyed a lively school band performance while indulging in a variety of snacks from different corners of the world, prepared by our students. The fried plantains from Brazil were a particular crowd favourite!

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