Like the pedagogues of old, we accompany each student as they explore the realms of knowledge, stretching their abilities to the utmost.

Our school’s name  - Akademeia - comes from Ancient Greek and refers to the inspiring place near Athens (named after the legendary Athenian hero Akademos), where Plato founded his original Academy in 385 B.C. It was the first institution of higher learning in Europe; a garden surrounded by art, architecture, and nature.

In the ancient world, education resulted from the meeting of great minds, and the exchanging of ideas that became great through dialogue and we share this vision.

Senior students at Akademeia High School

Akademeia building and roof garden

We operate under the philosophy that school should be a place where students can develop their academic interests, broaden their horizons and receive an education at the highest level to prepare themselves for admission to the top universities around the world. All our teachers are masters in their fields, with a wealth of qualifications from the world’s most prestigious universities. This intellectual bedrock is the foundation of our success in propelling students to those very same high-ranking universities.

Our students also benefit from the vast range of work- and life experience garnered by our faculty through their years of working in the private sector. Our students therefore begin their studies with an accelerated maturity thanks to their time at Akademeia: we believe that a good university experience starts in school, which is why Akademeia looks, feels and operates like a university.