Human and social sciences examine and interpret our experiences as human beings: who we are, how we relate to one another and to the world around us. Teachers and students will seek to understand individual experiences, diverse ways in which we organize our social and political life, as well as cultural and artistic products of different societies past and present.

Critical thinking, ability to analyse increasing amounts of information and willingness to constantly learn and apply knowledge to new problems and settings is becoming more and more important in our rapidly changing world. Human and Social Sciences teachers aim to foster such skills and encourage students to be curious by investigating historical and contemporary phenomena, such as rise of new ideologies, globalization, war and conflict-resolution or economic crises.

We aim to foster interdisciplinary approach through extra-curricular engagements and collaboration across different subjects. Students will learn analytical and interpretative methods inherent to each discipline while developing an ability to make connections between different ideas, events, and academic disciplines. Students will also develop key skills in textual and visual analysis, evaluation of data and evidence as well as essay writing, which will be crucial for their future studies and careers in fields ranging from Law to Psychology.

Human and Social Sciences provide a springboard for students considering a wide range of degrees and careers. They are a perfect foundation for any student interested in a career in Law, Journalism, Media and Marketing, Public Policy and Politics, Business Consultancy, Banking and Finance or Social Research.

Our alumni have pursued a range of degrees in Human and Social Sciences at world’s top universities, such as:

  • Cambridge University – including degrees in History and Politics, Law, and Human, Social and Political Science
  • Oxford University – a degree in Geography
  • Brown University
  • Columbia University
  • MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Dartmouth College
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) – including degrees in Economic History and Economics, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and International Social and Public Policy
  • University College London (UCL) – including degrees in Law, Psychology, and Social Sciences
  • King’s College London – including degrees in International Development, History, and International Relations
  • IE University – including degrees in Law and Business Administrations.