Careers Day in AHS
A Levels Event

This time we started with a meeting with Dr Kate Daubney, Director of University of London Centre of Excellence for Careers. She gave us an eye-opening lecture on how to think about university choices and a career path in general.

Then the Akademeia Internship Competition was announced, presenting our students offers from fashion, medicine, engineering, architecture and law companies.

This was followed by the panel discussion with professionals from different fields of work, moderated by Mr Michał Dżoga. Our guests, including Mr Marcin Iwinski, Mr Stanisław Skarżyński, Mrs Magdalena Formanowicz and Mrs Elżbieta Dabrowska shared their perspectives on planning a successful career as well as learning from failures. Students had opportunity to ask individual questions during an informal coffee break afterwards.

The event concluded with a Beyond the Glass Ceiling Conference, organised by the Association for Female Empowerment, a high school student-run activism group.  The event concentrated on  case studies of inspiring leading women in traditionally male-dominated fields.

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