Sports in AHS

In this early spring, our students have been keeping active, practising different sports, participating in Sports extracurriculars and taking part in sports competitions.

These are some of the highlights:

Volleyball Matches, AHS vs TBS

AHS students, both boys and girls teams, met with students from TBS this month in our Gymnasium. After some thrilling competition the final results were as follows –  2:1 for our boys and 0:2 for our girls. Our athletes showcased fantastic sportsmanship and spirit! Congratulations to the players and the coach Edyta for a job well done!!!


Our AHS badminton team, consisted of Yunsik, Grzegorz and Mateusz, participated in the Warsaw Badminton Competition. As representatives of Wilanów, they won matches with the teams from Żoliborz and Wesoła districts. Even though it wasn’t enough to get to the Finals, we have to admit that our athletes played with great sportsmanship and represented our school very well! Congratulations!


As a part of the PE programme, one of our Year 10 groups participated in the ice skating lesson. The students went to Figlowisko in Ursynów. While working on some new ice-skating skills and competing in short races, they also simply enjoyed spending active time together.

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