Science Fair at AHS
Science Event

What a day! On Friday 24th June Akademeia students celebrated science on a Science Fair. Our auditorium, laboratories and courtyard got filled with presentations, experiments and a debate, related to chemistry, biology and physics. We could watch presentations prepared by 5th Form students and learn more about, i.a.,  NASA’s Mars exploration, how additives used by food industry affect our health or what long-distance effects of using psychoactive substances might be.

Science Fair was also a perfect occasion to observe some spectacular experiments conducted by students and teachers in AHS courtyard: Sparklers – resulting in evoking sparks and a very bright flame, Rocket car – demonstration of how gases produced by a mixture of simple components provide strong thrust that makes the car go and Screaming Jelly Baby, in which tasty sweets were used to present a vigorous exothermic reaction.

Hot ice, colour wheel, glow box, catalysis process, dissection of mammalian organs – all those phrases are now much more familiar to us.

The event concluded with a debate on a topic: “The genetic engineering of humans is evil and should be avoided at all costs.”, were 2 teams focused on benefits and hazards of  interfering in humankind genom.

We already can’t wait to participate in the next years’ Science Fair.

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