Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland in AHS

We were honoured to welcome His Excellency the Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland, Mr Andriej Deszczycia to Akademeia High School on Tuesday, March 29th. The Ambassador’s visit coincided in time with the inauguration of our new pre-A class for the Ukrainian students, who were present at the event, along their family members and friends.

The Ambassador expressed his gratitude to the school management and its community of students, parents and staff for all the ongoing efforts undertaken to support the Ukrainian families suffering due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

In his open lecture, Mr Deszczycia shed light on many aspects of current tragic events in Ukraine and shared his appreciation to Polish citizens for all they have done in the past 30 days. He reminded President Zelensky’s words that there was practically no border between Poland and Ukraine now in the way how our country had become united to support the neighbour. His emotional speech was followed by the Q and A session. The Ambassador also addressed the Ukrainian guests in their mother tongue which was welcomed with enthusiasm.

It has been a hugely inspiring visit for the whole community, raising more awareness about current tragic events and empowering to do more – as every single small gesture of support does matter. For our new Ukrainian friends it was especially heartwarming experience to share time with the Ambassador, in our fully packed auditorium, and to receive a strong reaffirmation of the power of compassion and friendship beyond borders.

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