Accomplishments of the Akademeia Debate Team
Debate Competition

We are extremely proud of recent accomplishments of the Akademeia Debate Team in the Polish Schools Debating Championships!

This nation-wide contest for high school students is the official part of the selection process for the National Team for World Schools Debating Championships, with around 70 national teams every year. This year, there were 130 participants from 37 teams competing at the tournament.

AHS has been represented by three teams (the largest representation among all schools in the country):
Akademeia A: Marcelina, Weronika, Maciej and Sofia
Akademeia B: Ketevan, Ales, Andrea
Akademeia C: Zofia, Pola, Klara and Barbara

Congratulations to our students for fantastic rounds of debates: our Team A and B won 2 out of 4 debates and the Team C won 4 out of 4 elimination rounds and progressed to the semifinals, where after a head-to-head debate they lost to XIV Staszic High School.

In addition, Zosia, Barbara, Pola, Marcelina and Klara received nominations to the official selection to the National Team for World Schools Debating Championships 2023 in Vietnam.

The selection stage occurred on 10-11 December and consisted of three trial debates observed by the international pool of experienced debate judges, after which the final 18 students have been selected for the further process. Congratulations to Zosia, Pola, Basia and Marcelina who were advanced to the Finals! The National Team (4-5 persons) and The Development Team (3 – 4 persons) to represent Poland in Vietnam will be announced on January 31st, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for our debaters!

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