Finalists of the 2022 Akademeia Scholarship Competition Announced
Scholarship Competition

Akademeia High School is pleased to announce that 20 candidates were shortlisted to the Stage Two of the Akademeia Scholarship Competition earlier this week. Selected candidates have received an invitation to the final stage of the competition which will take place on  June 4-5, 2022.  Additionally, candidates selected for the Stage Two of the Art Scholarship Competition will participate in art workshops on 2-3 June, 2022. Congratulations  and good luck to all finalists!

Akademeia High School’s extensive scholarship programme aims to support talented students from both Poland and abroad. Scholarship places are available to Year 10 and 12 entry to the school. Our scholarship cohort makes up around 10% of the entire student body and is designed to help ensure Akademeia is both a diverse community and a place where the brightest and best can develop their academic and personal skills to fulfil their potential.

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