Gold and Silver Awards in the UK Chemistry Olympiad 2022
Science Competition

Congratulations to Akademeia students who participated in the UK Chemistry Olympiad 2022 and achieved fantastic results.

It was the first time for AHS students to enter this annual competition and all of our 6 participants ended up with top awards in Round One!

Congratulations to  Liubou, Natalia, Juliusz and Mateusz for obtaining Gold Award, and Aleksandra and Julia for gaining Silver Award.

This year’s competition took place on 20 January, with 8668 students from 750 schools sitting the paper. Many timely scientific contexts were covered in the competition (e.g.  E10 petrol which contains up to 10% renewable ethanol, the quantitative chemistry in lateral flow tests, which allows vaccines to be stored at room temperature), proving how industrial applications of chemistry directly affect our daily lives.

For more information please read online.

Warm congratulations to winners and  teachers who took the time to facilitate this opportunity for our students!

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