Breathtaking views during the Karkonosze hiking trip
A Levels Trip

A group of eighteen Year 12 and Year 13 students and three teachers spent a fantastic October weekend enjoying a challenging hiking trip. Accompanied by the professional mountain guide, our students hiked the main Karkonosze Ridge (Grzbiet Karkonoski), covering 36 km of a distance with a total ascent of 1,500 m.

They managed to climb Szrenica (1,361 m), Wielki Szyszak (1,509 m) and eventually Śnieżka (1,603 m) and stayed overnight in the high mountain shelter, enjoying breathtaking morning views.

Although the two days of hiking were quite intensive, beautiful views were successfully distracting from heavy backpacks and steep inclines. I am glad that I spent my weekend this way and I am already excited about future trips.

Gabriela, Year 13

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