Year 10 Trip to Podlasie

Just a few days before the end of school year, Y10 students participated in a school trip to Podlasie where number of topics from the Polish curriculum were addressed. The goal of the trip was to visit a peripheral, yet extremely interesting and inspiring region of Poland. The students have visited Tykocin, Goniądz and Biebrzański Park Narodowy, Augustów Canal, and Supraśl. In all of locations the emphasis was put on geography of development and its factors: strategic location, quality of the environment, local industrial traditions, cultural diversity, as well as regional heritage and identity.

The entire group immersed into Podlasie by foot – over two days they walked more than 20 km experiencing at the same time early summer heatwave. Except for rich content-based programme, the students definitely enjoyed late summer afternoons and early evenings overlooking Biebrza River listening to storks and multiple other birds.

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