Engineering Trip to Krosno, 13th-14th June

A group of 16 A-Level and pre-A students went on an unusual two-day Engineering trip to Krosno, where they had a unique opportunity to visit a chair factory (Nowy Styl) and a gas-springs factory (FA Krosno). It was very exciting to learn some lessons directly from world leaders in the production sector, talking to the engineers managing and developing very sophisticated processes, and observing the dedication of the operators at work, admiring the precision of the robots in automating a large-scale production process.

One of our students, Alina M, commented on the trip:

Now having visited two factories, having observed the process of designing and creating furniture and gas-springs, having listened and talked to professionals, it’s easier for me to make a decision what A-Levels to choose and what future career paths to consider. We were told lots of useful and practical information that can be helpful for those who may decide to work in similar fields. What is more, this trip was a really good way to expand my horizons even though I might not become an engineer. Grateful and happy I’ve joined this absolutely necessary and amazing initiative.


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