Akademeia Science Talk: Nobel Prize and…
Science Guest Speaker

On Tuesday, 25th January, AHS community had a chance to listen to a fascinating lecture on how to detect a virus with a smartphone.

Our guest, Dr Magdalena Richter, presented the link between the Nobel Prize winning researches and Covid-19. We have learned that smartphones can be used as a tool that scans biological samples, eg. blood, in search for a life-threatening microbs. For the first time ever, mobile health technology can have a global impact on human life. This type of diagnosis for Covid-19 virus can be implemented quickly and is regarded as extremaly useful especially in underpriviliged societies, with limited access to health facilities.

Dr Magdalena Richter is a biologist currently working as Senior Research Scientist at Astra Zeneca in Cambridge, where she conducts research for drugs ssfor cancer. She is also a science communicator, involved in creating a netowork of Polish scientists working abroad.

Her lecture titled Nobel Prize and Covid-19: How to detect a virus with a smartphone was another chance to widen our scientific perspective.

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