Final of the Akademeia Seminar’s Human Rights series
Guest Speaker

On Thursday 2nd December we had a pleasure to host Dr Omer Fisher, who delivered an important lecture on Human rights, civil society and becoming human rights defender.

Dr Fisher, who performs as Senior Human Rights Adviser at United Nations, shared with us his broad international experience in the field. Having had worked with a variety of organisations and communities, he provided our students with a very practical know-how.

We have learned that it is crucial to cooperate and engage all segments of society: leaders from local authorities, religious groups, community organisations, professional and educational bodies, as well as figures from the world of sport and entertainment. Doing this through workshops, conferences and other inclusive open initiatives is a way to spread the idea of human rights wider and protect them.

We truly hope that the AHS audience gathered in the Auditorium will benefit from Dr Omer Fisher’s inclusive approach to the complex issues of human rights, promoting his message through actions.

It was the final seminar from the Akademeia Seminar’s Human Rights series, closing the first trimester of inspiring and thought-provoking talks with experts in the field.

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