Akademeia Seminars: Climate change
Guest Speaker

On Thursday, 13th January we had a pleasure to host Mr Marcin Popkiewicz, who hold a lecture on: Climate change: Facts and Myths. This way we started the second serie of Akademeia Seminars. In Term 2 we will be disscussing the complex phenomenon of how and why the climate changes. We will try to understand the impact of human activity in this process by presenting scientific evidence. Also, we will look at various social initiatives and movements, to see how we can act to make our planet a better place to live in.

Mr Popkiewicz is a megatrend analyst and journalist focusing on interconnections between economy, energy, resources and environment, a chairman of the monitoring committee of Green Deal projects, National Centre for Research and Development, and an editor-in-chief of online portals: Nauka o Klimacie (Climate Science) and Ziemia na Rozdrożu (Earth at the Crossroads). He is an author of best-selling books “World at the Crossroads”, “Energy Revolution. But why?” and “Climate Science” and the laureate of numerous awards, including: „Renewable Energy Promoter,” „Journalists for Climate 2015” and „Economicus 2016.

In his lecture in AHS Mr Popkiewicz presented some scientificaly proven facts about climate and showed how to distinguish them from the popular myths.

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