The Akademeia Library Now Open!

Students cheered as our Headmaster, Dr Watras, cut the ribbon at the Library’s Grand Opening in September.  This outpouring of heartfelt joy and enthusiasm found further expression in the long queue of eager students that formed immediately afterwards, each clutching their very first library book to take home and become utterly lost in. 

The opening of the Akademeia Library represents a new chapter in the school’s history.  Our goal is for this beautiful new space to function not only as a peaceful oasis in the school where students can engage in serious study, but also as a place of discovery that will both aid students in their academic pursuits and broaden the palette of their interests.

This is a chapter to be written collectively by staff and students, whose suggestions and requests will contribute to the building of its collection.  The library is already home to well over a thousand books covering a broad variety of subjects, and continues to grow as new titles are ordered, and donated by staff and students alike.

I love the Akademeia library because it is a cozy and quiet place where you can delve into a world of books, for both work and pleasure. 

Olivia K, Y12

My experiences in the school library so far have been overwhelmingly positive. It’s a quiet space with the perfect ambiance for writing your essays, revising for the math test you have in a few hours, or reading another chapter of the new novel you picked up. 

Zosia C, Y13

This new library is like a quiet heaven that keeps my thoughts in order, my mind at peace and my soul at ease.  

Stanislava M, Y13

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