• Early Integration and Familiarisation: By joining us in Year 9, students have the opportunity to integrate into our school community earlier, allowing them to become familiar with our learning environment, faculty, and teaching methods. This early integration can help ease the transition into the more rigorous academic years ahead.
  • Emphasis on Essential Skills: Our foundation year places a strong emphasis on developing essential skills that benefit students throughout their academic journey and beyond. From critical thinking to time management, students are equipped with the tools necessary to excel in their studies and navigate future challenges.
  • Small Class Sizes and Personalised Learning: At Akademeia High School, we believe in the power of personalised learning and concentrating on students’ strengths and the process of self-discovery. With small class sizes of maximum 12 students, our teachers can engage in meaningful dialogue with each student, fostering a supportive and interactive learning environment that encourages active participation and critical thinking.
  • Enriching Outings and Extracurricular Opportunities: Our foundation year is not just about academics – it's about holistic development and personal growth. Students have the opportunity to participate in outings to theatres, concerts, museums, and other cultural institutions, enriching their educational experience beyond the classroom. Additionally, they can get involved in school clubs and activities, often working alongside and learning from older peers, gaining valuable collaboration and communication skills.
  • Preparation for Academic Success: The foundation year at Akademeia High School provides students with a solid foundation in English language proficiency, particularly beneficial for those transitioning from Polish public schools. This year is crucial for honing language skills and preparing students for the academic rigour of the years ahead.
  • A Welcoming and Supportive Community: With only two classes open for Year 9 in 2024/25, our school community is close-knit and welcoming. Every student will be warmly embraced and encouraged to participate fully in school life, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie from day one.

Year 9 recruitment

Joining Akademeia High School in Year 9 for our foundation year offers numerous advantages, from early integration and personalised learning to enrichment opportunities and preparation for academic success. With our supportive community and emphasis on essential skills, students can embark on their educational journey with confidence, setting them up for success in the years to come.

If you're considering your child's educational options, we invite you to explore the benefits of our Year 9 programme at Akademeia High School. You can contact our Admissions Team at: [email protected] to schedule an individual campus tour and find out more about us.

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