The Head of Boarding, Aleksandra Ladzińska, along with the team of supervisors, is responsible for the daily operations within the Boarding House, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the boarders.

Boarding at AHS

The team of supervisors is supported by a school psychologist who provides targeted on-site support related to all aspects of residential school life, including homesickness, room-sharing, and living within a culturally diverse community. Wellbeing workshops are regularly organised, addressing themes relevant to and requested by the boarders. The support network offered in the Boarding House is an integral part of the school’s wellbeing ecosystem to ensure that our boarders are set up for success in all aspects of their life.


The premises feature 24-hour security and access-controlled entry, ensuring boarders’ safety and privacy at all times. Students are provided with room access cards and premises are only accessible to Akademeia High School students, supervisors, and counsellors. All staff at the Boarding House are committed to ensuring all students feel safe and able to talk through any concerns. Safeguarding is at the core of everything we do, with clear policies and procedures in place and regular quality assurance checks.

The Boarding House community

The Boarding House community regularly spends time together in communal spaces, doing everything from organising board game nights and cooking sessions during which students prepare their national dishes, to simply engaging in discussions with fellow boarders regarding their cultures and traditions. Seasonal activities are also a feature, with students celebrating Halloween and getting together to drink hot chocolate and decorate cookies in December. The common room is a space where students not only socialise, but also study together and support one another in meeting the demands of the school curriculum. Boarders also use the common spaces to prepare for school activities, including debating competitions and on-stage performances.

All boarders are expected to actively support team-building initiatives and reflect on their participation and role within the community. They are encouraged to develop awareness of how they interact with others and how they are perceived, taking a conscious responsibility to help build a happy, respectful, and safe community in line with school values. All boarders are asked to complete duties within the Boarding House to enable everyone to contribute to creating a communal sense of ownership and pride. Boarders are expected to keep their rooms and the communal areas clean and welcoming.

Boarding Fees

Our fees reflect the comprehensive boarding experience our students receive at AHS. In a warm, supportive, and inclusive environment, your child will have everything they need to pursue their passions and grow in confidence, both personally and academically.

Our boarding fees are all-inclusive and cover the following offerings:

  • Single or double rooms fitted with a bed, a desk and chair, generous storage space, as well as an en suite bathroom and high-speed Wi-Fi service.
  • An exceptional location in close proximity to the school.
  • 24/7 on-site supervision.
  • Weekly cleaning services.
  • Wellbeing and pastoral support provided by our dedicated team.
  • A daily meal plan, with three freshly prepared meals per day (including school lunches during school days).
  • Integration and team-building programmes for boarders.

There are several things I like about the boarding house. My personal favourite is the community: the supervisors are extremely nice and supportive, they make us feel secure and always are eager to provide with advice, some comforting words and even some delicious treats. The other boarders are also very nice and spending time with them is a pleasure. I can never feel lonely as I can always find someone to have a nice chat with.


One of the best things about living in the boarding house as a Year 13 student is the fact that I can get extra consultation hours when some of my teachers are also boarding supervisors. Because there are many of us in the boarding house, one can always get some help regarding school subjects as well as psychological support which makes it easier to get through busy periods at school.