School trips provide our students with an opportunity to get to know the world around them a little better. Supported by their teachers, they can see how the theory discussed in class can be put into practice. This is why teachers in various subjects often organize short field trips (e.g. to explore river environments as part of Geography curriculum or participate in a birdwatching session as part of Biology curriculum). In creative arts, students visit art galleries, theatres, philharmonics or concert halls to experience art in its purest form. This helps them to revise and synthesize their knowledge, which has a tremendous impact on their further academic development.

School trips are also important for our students due to their social aspect. They spend some time with their peers on various integrational activities and get to know one another in a completely different setting. What is more, this is an opportunity to meet students from different academic pathways, which also enables them to form new friendships. In addition to this, they interact with their teachers and mentors in an informal context, which strengthens their relationship.

Last but not least – high school is a formative period for any student, as they grow personally and academically in these years. The students will look back to their high school years in the future, even many years after graduation. Our alumni, with great sentiment, recall their visits to London, Florence, Gdansk, Kazimierz Dolny or other destinations, and many great things they learned and experienced during the trips. Such memories are priceless.